Commercial Motor Insurance

We offer cover for commercial motor fleets, motor traders, commercial vehicles and individual commercial cars.

Commercial motor fleets

Comprehensive cover for a broad range of requirements, with policies from all of the household name insurers available. As well as fleets of cars, we can also cover public service vehicles, coaches and many other types of fleet vehicles.

Motor trade

Specific insurance for companies in the motor trade, including those providing repair, servicing, MOT and maintenance services, as well as used and new car dealers.

Commercial vehicle

We provide policies to cover heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), light goods vehicles (LGVs) and a wide variety of special vehicle types, ranging from bulldozers and excavation vehicles to snow ploughs, combine harvesters and anything in between.

Commercial car cover

Does your business own a car? If it does, you need commercial car cover. These policies are particular to cars owned by companies rather than owned by an individual.

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