Making a claim

If you are unfortunate enough to need to make a claim at any time, whether for motor, household or for your business, here are some notes that we hope you will find helpful.

In the event of a claim do not hesitate to contact our dedicated claims handlers:- direct dial 0121 569 8769
jo.o' direct dial 0121 569 8770

However, if your claim is urgent and outside normal office hours, please telephone the appropriate insurer on the list of Helpful Claim Numbers.

Motor Claims

All incidents should be reported to your insurers as soon as possible, particularly if there has been any injury, however slight, or any damage to any third party property.

Try to get a witness to the circumstances if possible.

Always take the registered number of the third party vehicle and get as much information on the owner and/or driver as you can. A photograph of the vehicle clearly showing the registration number would be helpful.

Whilst most Comprehensive policies can now supply a courtesy vehicle whilst your own is being repaired, if the claim is non fault, we may be able to arrange an alternative vehicle through Legal Expenses Insurers if you have taken advantage of this option. They will also be able to deal with any claims for injuries to yourself or your passengers.

Whilst the claim is proceeding, if you receive any correspondence in connection with the incident, from any third party or their representative, please forward this to us unanswered. Your Insurers must deal with any correspondence.

Household Claims

If you have suffered a theft, malicious damage or vandalism, tell the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number.

Before arranging for any remedial work or replacement items, contact the claims helpline, who may be able to assist.

Commercial Claims

If you have suffered a theft, malicious damage or vandalism, contact the police immediately to report and obtain a crime reference number.

Obviously, we will always be your first point of contact. However, out of office hours, contact the Insurers Commercial Claims helpline number; they may be able to assist with workmen for any necessary emergency remedial work, such as boarding up, or making the building secure.

They may also be able to arrange for replacement for any damaged items.

Before you call, ensure that you have your policy number; you will find this on your policy schedule.

Please inform us on the next business day, so we can control the claim and offer any assistance necessary.

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