Preventative measures

Always ensure that you have smoke alarms at your business, office or home, and make sure that they are regularly tested.

Ensure that Fire safety equipment is installed and is up to date.

Work out the best exit routes from your house, especially in upstairs rooms, and ensure that this information is shared with all the family. If necessary invest in an escape ladder.

NEVER leave your car unlocked, even for a moment, lock it when you pay for your petrol, and if defrosting on a cold morning, do not leave the vehicle unattended. Ensure your keys are not left in view of or near to windows or doors.

At home, ensure all doors and windows are locked whenever you leave the house, or even when working in the garden. If you live alone it is sensible to get into the habit of always keeping the door locked.

Ensure that the garage and shed are kept locked at all times, and secure ladders and garden tools – they can be used to break into your house.

Use the services of the police and fire service for advice on personal safety and crime prevention, and if you are a business, use the services of the Insurers surveyor or a Health and Safety consultant.

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